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William and Sam Memorial Skatepark renovations planned

MIDLAND – The Midland Skatepark Association is looking to renovate the William and Sam memorial skatepark, which is about to celebrate its 20th birthday.

Because the association does not have the structure to raise money like other sports organizations, they hosted a skate competition Saturday, Sept. 9, to raise funds for the cost of renovations.

“We don’t have league dues; we don’t have a concession, so we have no real way to raise revenue to put us in the same playing field they want to compare us to. Hopefully this event is the start of this,” said president and founder of Midland Skatepark Association.

They are looking to bring LED lights, new concrete, shade, and more skateboard ramps, as well as to expand the skatepark. The association is hoping that by completing these renovations, the skatepark will attract young skaters.​


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