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Can an FHA Buyer do a Temporary Residential Lease?

Texas real estate contracts provision for temporary leases for both Buyers and Sellers to accommodate for either early possession (ahead of the closing date) or deferred possession (after the closing date). Temporary leases under a purchase agreement are different from standard lease agreements in several ways, most notably: • these temporary agreements have restrictions on […]

Did the Loan Officer Just Suggest Mortgage Fraud?

Everyone knows that all interested party contributions need to be disclosed on the Closing Disclosure / Final Settlement Statement, right?  CFPB and TRID / RESPA changes that took effect in October 2015 have both emphasized disclosure rules and placed  more responsibility on the shoulders of lenders to ensure compliance. This includes preparing the final settlement […]

What is the HomeStyle Renovation Loan?

HomeStyle is a conventional loan product for home buyers either with or without mortgage insurance who want to make home improvements, renovations or repairs, and roll the costs into the mortgage. In this video, Dan Moyle with Amerifirst Home Mortgage interviews renovation lending expert, Joe Daly, about the HomeStyle Renovation Loan. HomeStyle requires 10% down, […]