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Amazon's SAT3 facility setting new precedents

SAN ANTONIO – Inc. has opened its first Amazon Robotics Fulfillment Center. The building, which has five-and-a-half floors and spans more than 3.6 million sf, is among the largest Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the state.

SAT3 is known as an Amazon Robotics Sortable fulfillment center. Unlike traditional centers, SAT3 uses both robotics and associates to fulfill orders. Automation has enabled the center to be more efficient, Amazon officials say, with over two million items departing the facility each week.

SAT3 has also exceeded employment projections. Today, SAT3 alone employs more than 1,700. With the facility still in its launch phase, there’s a lot of room to scale, which means hiring even more employees.

While certain roles require specialized education, SAT3 offers training in conveyance and robot maintenance, enabling its employees to move into higher-skill, higher-paid positions.

Since 2010, the company’s investments have contributed more than $18.8 billion to the state GDP and created more than 49,000 indirect jobs, from construction and logistics to professional services.​


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