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Rural land, property tax expert joins TRERC staff

​​COLLEGE STATION – Dr. Lynn Krebs has joined the staff of the Texas Real Estate Research Center (TRERC) as a research economist specializing in rural land and property taxes.

Krebs began his career as a TRERC graduate assistant in 1992. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Texas A&M University in agricultural economics and real estate, respectively. His Ph.D. is from Georgia State University. From 1994 to 2003, he was director of education and certification programs for the Institute of Professionals in Taxation.

“Lynn brings extensive experience in commercial real estate,: said TRERC Executive Director Gary Maler. “He has led a large real estate tax consulting firm, and he has a deep understanding of the fundamentals of real estate markets as well as the valuation of real estate.”

Krebs worked in property tax consulting from 2007 to 2022. Most recently, he served as CEO of Tax Advisors Group.

“Having a master’s degree in land economics and real estate, Lynn knows what drives land markets,” said Dr. Charles Gilliland, long-time TRERC rural land authority.

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​Source: Texas Real Estate Research Center​


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