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60-year-old Galveston motel reopening as boutique hotel

GALVESTON – Hotel Lucine, a 61-room boutique hotel at 1002 Seawall Blvd., is now taking reservations.

The building originally opened in 1963 as the Treasure Isle Motel and most recently operates as Pearl Inn at 10th St.

The hotel has a 3,500-sf, 56-seat restaurant named the Fancy, and a 3,500-sf beachfront bar called the Rooftop.

It also has a 525-sf multipurpose dining and event space called the Lanai. The Den, a 1,350-sf full-service dining space, is near the pool.

While the 25,000-sf hotel was completely redesigned and renovated, the basic structure of the 60-year-old building was largely maintained.​


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