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Lago Vista subdivision plan approved

LAGO VISTA – The city council has approved a plan to build a residential subdivision in Turnback Ranch. The decision was made 14 months after Turnback Development LLC first brought it to the city.

The council worked with Ventana Capital Inc., working on behalf of Turnback, to solidify plans for one of the 242-acre lakeside parcels on FM 1431.

The current plan has a maximum of 349 homes and a 34-acre public park that developers have pledged $1 million toward. They also agreed that the developers will fund improvements to roads and other infrastructure near the site.

There will be no commercial space. Officials have estimated the development would generate $7.4 million in annual property taxes and $1 million of sales taxes annually from new residents spending money at local businesses.

The development team plans to add 96 homes per year with the first homes available in 2026 and full buildout in 2029.


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