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178-acre flood-control project complete in Clear Lake

CLEAR LAKE – Clear Lake City Water Authority has completed all five phases of Exploration Green, a 178-acre flood-control project and park area.

The project, which transformed a former golf course into recreational green space with five detention ponds, was implemented to help prevent nearby homes from flooding.

The new detention ponds can hold 100 million gallons of stormwater.

The park portion of the project consists of 153 acres of natural habitat with wetlands and native grassland areas, six miles of trails, two athletic fields, and other amenities.

Of the 40,000 people living in the direct Clear Lake area, nearly 70 percent will be within walking distance of one of the sections of Exploration Green, with the other 30 percent less than a mile from part of the project.

The total estimated cost of the Exploration Green project was $53.65 million, but actual construction costs came in under budget at $46.71 million.​


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