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Three changes Texas real estate licensees need to know about

​​AUSTIN – Several changes Texas real estate licensees need to know about have either taken effect or will soon​​​ take effect.

A bill passed by the 88th Texas Legislature requires all licensing agencies, including the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), to remove or redact certain details about applicants and current and past license holders in publicly available information, such as the TREC website license holder search or via public information requests.

This legislation enhances privacy by protecting personal information like the licensee’s address, telephone number, and email address.

Before this bill, contact information was available to the public.

Form Updates
New legislation required the TREC to update two frequently used forms: the Consumer Protection Notice and the Seller’s Disclosure Notice.

The Consumer Protection Notice no longer references the real estate inspection recovery fund, which was repealed this session.

Sellers must use the new Seller’s Disclosure Notice to disclose the type of piping used for gas supply lines—black iron pipe, copper, or corrugated stainless steel tubing.

The revised forms took effect Sept. 1 and are available on TREC’s website.

License Expiration
Starting Oct. 1, active licensees whose licenses expire will be set to inactive status as of the expiration date, and any license relationships to sales agents and/or brokers will be terminated. Anyone who renews late—up to six months after the expiration date—will be renewed on inactive status.​​

For more information, visit TREC online.


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