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Six Flags Fiesta Texas to receive upgrades in 2024

SAN ANTONIO – Six Flags Entertainment Corp. will make a significant investment in its theme parks next year, especially Fiesta Texas.

Plans there include an expanded DC Universe area with three new rides as well as significant changes to multiple existing attractions.

Six Flags has not disclosed the amount of its planned investment, but it includes multiple new rides set to open next summer. They include Cyborg Cyber Revolution (a rotating tower ride with guests seated in four rotating arms) and Shazam! Tower of Eternity, a rotating drop tower ride that ascends 70 feet.

The third new attraction is Metropolis Transit Authority, a 16-passenger monorail car offering guests an aerial view of what will be the largest DC Universe area at any amusement park in the U.S.

In addition to the new rides and attractions, many Six Flags parks will see new theming and improvements for existing rides and attractions, such as The Penguin: Gotham City Getaway, Supergirl Sky Flight, and Poison Ivy Toxic Spin.​


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