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Texas initial unemployment claims increase after seven-week downward trend

​COLLEGE STATION – In the week ending June 13, over 85,600 initial unemployment insurance claims were filed in Texas, reverting the downward trend observed in the previous seven previous weeks.

This brings total claims since March 21 to 2.5 million, according to data from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). 

Texans that continue to claim unemployment insurance increased to 1.3 million in the week ending June 6.  

“The increase in the number of continuing claims is worrisome, indicating that people continue to find themselves unemployed,” said Real Estate Center Research Economist​ Dr. Luis Torres. 

Using data from the DOL and the Employment and Training Administration, the Center estimates that from March 21 to June 6 nearly 542,700 seasonally adjusted claims were filed in Dallas-Fort Worth. Houston followed closely with 540,300 claims. 

Although DFW has largest accumulated number of initial unemployment claims, Houston has ​the highest weekly number of new​ claims since April 18.​

In San Antonio and Austin, an estimated 169,500 and 153,700 claims were filed during that time, respectively. 

Along the border, an estimated 60,00, 57,300, 26,600, and 16,900 claims were filed in McAllen, El Paso, Brownsville, and Laredo, respectively.

New initial claims in Brownsville decreased last week after increasing the previous two.

From March 21 to June 6, over 12,100​ unemployment claims were filed in College Station-Bryan.

Nationwide, nearly 45.7 million unemployment claims have been filed in the past 13 weeks.​

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​Source: Real Estate Center

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