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Elementary and Middle School Career Day Presentation for Realtors®

Career Day can be an exciting event for both students and speakers! Realtors® are frequently invited to participate, and it is both a tremendous honor and opportunity to share the passion that many entrepreneurs find when they match to real estate careers. Few presentations can match the powerful impact of seeing a successful and happy Realtor® talk about what they love doing!


What Should I Talk About?

If you are searching for Career Day lesson plans, here are a few ideas to help your presentation go well. From Elementary to High School, one of the most important things you can do is to involve your audience. Interactive activities can be surprisingly simple, fun and engaging!  This is also a good time to show students that they will actually need to use what they learn in school after they graduate. Whether you specialize in listing homes or work as a buyer’s agent, focus on universal activities that are common to both sides. Start by passing out your business card and a small gift. We suggest personalized pens or pencils.



If your budget is tight, check out this page for a DIY tutorial on making your own custom branded pens on the cheap! If your budget is really tight, hold a drawing for 1 or 2 pens and give them out as door prizes.

Elementary and Middle School

Tools of the trade make excellent topics for younger audiences.

 PGR_Castle Signs are a BIG DEAL!  Explain how a listing agent is responsible for advertising homes for sale.
Talk about sign mechanics:

  • Frames
  • Panels
  • Riders
  • Sign Clips
  • Logos / Brands

Allow students to feel the weight of the sign and experiment with the panels and riders. For a desk activity, simply pass a rider through the room so students can feel it. Bring different sign materials (e.g,, aluminum, corrugated plastic, poly-carbonate, acrylic).
For an enhanced activity, include flyer boxes and/or alternative sign frame styles and specialty riders.

 TM_VS_MW Tape Measure vs. Measuring Wheel

Tactile learning is a win! Simply sharing these tools with your audience and demonstrating how to measure a room for listing purposes will be a hit.
For an enhanced activity, challenge two volunteers to measure the classroom, and give each volunteer one measuring tool. Compare measurements results with the class and talk about the importance of accuracy. (Math matters!)

 lockboxes Lock Boxes

Keep them engaged! Bring different lock boxes to your presentation for sharing around the room. Explain the difference between different types of combination boxes and the magic of Supra eKey. Demonstrate how to release the shackle on one of the lock boxes, taking time to show how the size of the doorknob prevents easy theft of the lockbox
For an enhanced activity, challenge several students to a race to open the different lock boxes.

 OHP Bring Your Tablet

If you aren’t using yet, you could benefit from this activity as much as your audience will!Treat your presentation like an Open House, and pass your tablet around the room to let students pretend to register. Explain how real estate is a people business, and how following up is one of the most important sales skills Realtors® need to be successful.

 Signed Contract Contracts

Even very young children can understand the concept of a contract. Ask for a volunteer to assist you.

#1: Written Agreements — In front of the class, whisper in your volunteer’s ear that you will give him/her one of your pens for sitting in a chair in front of the room for 15 seconds. Step away from the volunteer once seated, and start counting loudly to 15. When you arrive at 15, ask your volunteer what is supposed to happen. When your volunteer asks for the pen you promised ask for proof of this agreement. Explain why written agreements are more enforceable oral ones.

#2: Breach of Contract — Ask your volunteer to share how he/she felt when you denied that you had made the promise to award your pen in exchange for the help given. Explain that one of your most important jobs in real estate is helping buyers and sellers create written agreements that both will follow to achieve their mutual goals.

 banana Negotiation

Ask for two volunteers to assist you at the front of the room. Hand Volunteer 1 a banana. Whisper to volunteer 1 that his job is to offer Volunteer 2 a choice between accepting the whole banana, or just half of the banana.Announce to the classroom that Volunteer 2 doesn’t really care for bananas, and that her family owns a banana farm. Tell the class that Volunteer 2 eats bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and she is really tired of bananas.

Next, ask Volunteer 1 to ask announce his question to Volunteer 2. Most participants will agree to take either half or all of the banana.
Lesson: Volunteer 1’s goals were oppositionally opposed to Volunteer 2, but Volunteer 2 complies because they agreed to one of the two choices presented. Either way, Volunteer 1 accomplishes the objective of successfully negotiating his position. (Await the moment of realization when the students “get” this powerful negotiation tactic.)

If Volunteer 2 refuses to accept either offer (half or whole), step in to offer a 3rd choice… “Wouldn’t you be more agreeable to accepting just a third of this banana right now?”  (Nod your head when asking the question.)  You will invariable receive accord.

Explain that Realtors® represent their clients’ interests, and that it is our job to get our clients’ goals met to the fullest extent possible. Explain that the art of negotiation and learning how to ask questions in a way that achieves agreement between parties is a skill that pays well. (Just ask Anna Banana Kruchten – Phoenix Real Estate Broker!)

 thanks Give Thanks

Conclude on a positive note and let your audience know how great they were. Thank your volunteers again for their help and ask the classroom to applaud their efforts. Recognize the teacher for her contribution in organizing Career Day, and ask the class to applaud her for making the career choice she made.
Invite the class to share your name when their family or friends need to buy or sell a house. Let them know you will always follow up!

Follow Up

  • If you are an educational professional in the DFW Metroplex (or a surrounding community) who would like to request one of our Team Members to present for your Career Day, please call us at 469.645.6363.
  • If you are a Realtor® who is struggling to come up with content for your Career Day presentation, we have more ideas to share! Give us a call with your specific audience challenge and we can help you.
  • If you are a Realtor® who would like to share tips and content that worked well for your Career Day debut, would you kindly reply with your comments OR reply with a link to your own blog post on the topic? We would love to learn from YOUR success!

CaraLynn Downing Telford

This post is dedicated to CaraLynn Downing Telford of Cary, NC. CaraLynn is a former creative Kindergarten teacher turned full-time Realtor® serving the Triangle Area in North Carolina. CaraLynn is an active member and positive influence in our AgentMastermind Group on Facebook, and prompted discussion about this subject in preparation for her upcoming volunteer service with 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Thank you, CaraLynn, for inspiring both your colleagues and the next generation of Realtors® to come!

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