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In the Red Zone: Rice, SMU fans pay more for houses near stadiums

​​​​ATHENS, Ga. – A recent​ moveBuddha study mapped which university city homebuyers will pay either more​ or less for homes located near a Division I football stadium. 

Rice University in Houston ranked first for the highest increase in home value near their stadium. ​Houses near Rice Stadium are on average $459,733 more expensive than the average city home value. ​

Rice is in the third richest neighborhood in Houston, right ​near the Texas Medical Center and Museum District. 

​Southern Methodist University ranked fourth in highest increase in home value near the stadium. Homes near Gerald J. Ford Stadium are on average $189,500 more expensive than the average Dallas home.

Like Rice, SMU is in an expensive area: Dallas’ University Park. 

Homes near Kyle Field (Texas A&M University, College Station) and Darrell K Royal–Texas Memorial Stadium (University of Texas, Austin) were both less than $50,000 cheaper than the city average.

Fordham University in the Bronx, N.Y., ranked first in the highest decrease in home value near the stadium. Homes near Jack Coffey Field are on average $508,870 cheaper than in the rest of the Bronx. ​​

According to moveBuddha, the rest of the top five cities in highest home value increase are: 

  • No. 2. Georgetown University, Washington D.C., $216,204 more expensive;

  • No.3 Sacramento State University, Sacramento, Calif., $201,721; and

  • No. 5 University of Alabama, Birmingham, Ala., $188,878.

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Source: moveBuddha

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