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CDC issues eviction moratorium in areas of substantial, high transmission

​WASHINGTON – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a new order temporarily halting evictions in counties with heightened levels of COVID-19 transmission. 

The order is set to expire ​Oct. 3, 2021. The new moratorium comes just a few days after the CD​C’s final eviction moratorium extension​​​ expired on July 31.​

To be eligible, a renter must meet the following requirements:

  1. The individual must have made his best effort to obtain all available government assistance for ren​​t or housing.

  2. The individual either (i) earned no more than $99,000 in annual income for calendar year 2020 (or no more than $198,000 if filing a joint tax return), or expects to earn no more than $99,000 ($198,000 jointly) in calendar year 2021, (ii) was not required to report any income in 2020 to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, or (iii) received an Economic Impact Payment.

  3. He must be unable to pay the full rent or make a full housing payment due to substantial loss of household income, loss of compensable hours of work or wages, a lay-off, or extraordinary out-of-pocket medical expenses.

  4. The individual is making his best effort to make timely partial payments that are as close to the full payment as the individual’s circumstances permit, taking into account other nondiscretionary expenses.

  5. Eviction would likely render the individual homeless—or force the individual to move into close quarters in a new congregate or shared-living setting—because the individual has no other available housing options.

  6. The individual resides in a U.S. county experiencing substantial or high rates of community transmission levels of SARS-CoV-2 as defined​ by the CDC. 

The CDC has released a tool that can help determine the level of community transmission by county. 

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