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Texas cities dominate list of best metros for Zoomers

​SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – ​Texas dominated CommercialCafe’s list of the top metros for Generation Z with three cities ​in the top ten.​

Dallas ranked fourth overall​​ and first in Texas. It has 1.03 million Gen Zers, making up 12.18 percent of the city’s population. Big D was fourth in Gen Z population and sixth in number of colleges.​

No. 5 Austin and No. 6 San Antonio have 299,000 and 356,000​​ Zoomers, respectively, making up 11.41 and 13.94 percent of their populations.​

Gen Zers—who are currently aged 15 to 24—​have an estimated purchasing power of more than $140 billion, which will only increase as they enter the job market.

Boston, New York, and Nashville, Tenn. were the top three cities. 

To determine Generation Z hotspots, CommercialCafe ranked the 50 biggest U.S. metros based on total Gen Z population, percentage of Gen Zers of the metro’s total population, number of colleges, average I​​nternet speed, unemployment rate, entertainment​​ options, population divided by entertainment venues, regional price parity, and average person income per capita. 

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​Source: CommercialCafe

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