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Two Texas cities among college towns most vulnerable during pandemic

NEW YORK –​ Two Texas cities have landed on SmartAsset’s list of the most vulnerable college towns during the COVID-19​ pandemic.

College Station,​ home to Texas A&M University, ranked second. More than 44 percent of the Brazos County city’s population are college students, the second-highest in the study. ​The city’s economy relies heavily​ on food service, and the area has the 12th-highest concentration of restaurants and bars at 9.27 percent. 

San Marcos ranked ninth overall. The city​​, home to Texas State University,​ has the fourth-highest student population relative to the city’s population, 23rd-highest concentration of entertainment establishments, 13th-highest concentration of bookstores, and 18th-highest concentration of hotels.​ ​​

Other cities on the list are:

  • No. 1 Blooming, Ind., Indiana University Bloomington;

  • No. 3 Champaign, Ill., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;

  • No. 4 Athens, Ga., University of Georgia;

  • No. 5 Flagstaff, Ariz., Northern Arizona University;

  • No. 6 Davis, Calif., University of California, Davis;

  • No. 7 Ann Arbor, Mich.,​ University of Michigan;

  • No. 8 Chapel Hill, N.C., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill;

  • No. 10 (tie) Ames, Iowa, Iowa State University; and 

  • No. 10 (tie) Auburn, Ala., Auburn University. 

To determine the rankings, SmartAsset compared 95 college towns with populations of 50,000 or more. The study looked at students as a percentage of the population, college staff as a percentage of workers, and concentration of restaurants and​ bars, entertainment establishments, bookstores, and hotels.

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​Source: SmartAsset

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