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Texas Central high-speed rail wins four-year court battle

CORPUS CHRISTI ​– ​Texas Central, the company that intends to build a high-speed rail line between Dallas and Houston, won a key legal decision last week. 

The ​Texas 13th District Court of Appeals ruled that Texas Central and its subsidiary, Integrated Texas Logistics, are legally railroads, despite operating no trains yet. This reverses a pre​vious decision by the 87th District Court of Leon County. 

The decision by Justice Nora Longoria comes after a four-year court battle waged by landowners along the proposed route in Leon County. The landowners argued that the Texas Central project wasn’t a railroad and therefore didn’t have the rights associated with a railroad, including eminent domain and access to property for surveyors.

The landowners plan to appeal the ruling to the Texas Supreme Court. ​​

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​Source: Connect Media

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