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Quitting Commercial Cleaning Products

DIY projects can be a great way to make the family budget stretch further, as well as provide a satisfying way to improve the quality & health of one’s home life.

2015 is the year our family decided to quit purchasing commercial cleaning products. It started with a ‘quick fix’ to solve for running out of liquid fabric softener. Googling for a homemade substitute opened up a big new world of safer, more affordable options for household cleaning products. Homemade fabric softener was, in fact, the gateway that led to our favorite homemade laundry detergent recipe, this natural bleach alternative, the best homemade glass cleaner, homemade 409, DIY heavy-duty tub & shower cleaner, an alternative homemade “swiffer” mop solution (see this page for more detail), our favorite homemade multipurpose disinfecting spray, these amazing toilet bombs, and this DIY formula for dishwasher detergent.

DIY Cleaning Solutions


We have been extremely pleased with the effectiveness & fragrance of each recipe, and enjoy the incredible savings this one small change has resulted in for our grocery budget. With just a few stock ingredients we already have in our pantry, we can quickly and easily make more any time we run out. An added bonus is knowing we are reducing waste and helping to eliminate harmful toxins with the effort. Notice that the containers used for our cleaners are re-purposed from orange juice and vinegar bottles.

Worried about time?

Don’t. These recipes take just a few minutes to make, and kids find them fun to make as well. Even the busiest of households should find that whipping up a new batch of any of these formulas will take less time than a trip to the store.

Bonus Round

Check out this solution for making your own foaming hand soap. For a busy household or office environment, this one trick can save big money! (Note: we particularly love Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Pure-Castile Soap in Almond and Peppermint.)

What’s Next?

Love this idea? As you find and adopt your own favorite recipes, consider extending into natural alternative for cosmetic products.  We love making our own lotion bars, body wash, and lip balm for personal use and gift giving!

Let us Hear From You

Comments? Feedback? Tell us what you are doing to improve the quality of life in your home environment. We would love to hear from you, and consider featuring your story in an upcoming blog post on

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