It’s Rough Work

Construction, whether relating to a new build or remodeling, has its own vocabulary.  When your contractor or builder talks about rough work, don’t take it to mean he’s complaining about his job…

“Rough In” or “Rough Out”

Depending on your neck of the woods, the phrase “rough in” or “rough out” might be preferred.  Either term refers to the process of laying out the basic lines (electrical and plumbing) without making any of the final connections, or installing any fixtures or elements.

Rough work is completed while the walls are still open and prior to drywall installation. Cables are pulled through studs and into boxes. Supply pipes and drain pipes are run through studs and under floors to their termination points for future sinks, tubs, etc… At this point, changes can be made if desired, to accommodate customizations, additions, or deletions.

Upon completion, inspectors will visit to approve (or fail) the work.Once approved, the next phase of finish out may commence.

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